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The Tolstoy Preschool has gathered together a very unique group of teachers and staff who are committed to jumpstart your child's early development through interesting lessons and encounters stimulating and expanding natural curiosity as well as cultural, artistic and cognitive growth.

Xenia Woyevodsky, Administrative Director

Xenia Woyevodsky has extensive professional experience in the areas of international education and culture.  As Executive Director of the Tolstoy Foundation, Inc., founded in l939 in New York City by Alexandra Tolstoy, youngest daughter of Leo Tolstoy, she established the early semester-abroad exchange programs in the 1990's for over 250 gifted children (ages 6-17) from the Russian Federation at the TF Center in NY.  The program became a model for future exchange programs between the U.S. and Russia.  Mrs. Woyevodsky continues to serve as President of International Firebird Arts Foundation.  She is passionately committed to bilingualism at an early age in childhood development.


Olga Krassovskaya, Academic Director

Olga Krassovskaya has over 20 years of experience in early childhood development, both as a teacher and as an administrator.  She has a diploma from Teacher's College No. 7 in Moscow.  She has successfuly taught toddlers to kindergarden age children in various educational settings both in Moscow and in Belarus before moving to the U.S. several years ago.   Ms. Krassovskaya brings a fresh approach to teaching, encouraging creativity and cognitive growth on an individual basis and at the child's own pace according to age, needs and abilities. She  believes in the importance of developing curiosity in children --  the joy of exploration that drives all future learning, reasoning and critical thinking.   Under Ms. Krassovskaya's guidance, children will explore their natural curiosity through books, music, dance, play, discovering nature, asking questions and connecting with their peers.


Elena Tkacheva-Wells

Elena Tkacheva-Wells majored in Children's Literature at the College of Culture and Library Sciences in Russia and has a B.A. in professional acting from St. Petersburg, Russia.  Ms. Tkacheva-Wells has worked extensively in the U.S. as a children's Drama/Dance and Yoga Instructor at Montessori and in Public Schools in Lexington, Kentucky.  Additionally, she has valuable experience teaching English as a Second Language and Math Instruction to children K-5th grade.  



Tatiana Trubetskoy

Russian born Tatiana Trubetskoy holds a degree of art from the prestigious Stroganov State University in Moscow. Mrs. Trubetskoy is well-known in the Washington area as a free-lance artist and art teacher. She has many years of experience teaching the fundamentals of art to children by classical Russian method, inspiring their creativity and talent from an early age.

"Land of the Firebird"
original painting by artist
Tatiana Trubetskoy



Olga Orlovskaya

Soprano Olga Orlovskaya, great granddaughter of the legendary Feodor Chaliapin, is an honor graduate of the Russian Academy of Music and holds a M.A. with a specialty in voice.   She has had great success with her solo concerts in many European cities and made her debut in the U.S. in 2006.  Additionally Ms. Orlovskaya teaches voice and introduction to music to children.  Ms. Orlovskaya believes that it is never too soon to begin to expose children to music.  Early musical training helps develop core skills that will follow children all their lives like focus, concentration, and persistence. 


Elizaveta Vasilkova

Liza Vasilkova was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  Studied Landscape Architecture at Moscow Architectural Institute in 2005. After moving to the US in 2006 with her husband and son, Liza has been using her artistic inspiration and skills in different family and public volunteer projects, including the Puppet theatre for St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral Bazaar. Currently works as a landscape designer in Northern Virginia. Liza loves crafts, fun and creative action and would be happy to share her love with your kids. 


Masha Tolstoy Sarandinaki

Masha Tolstoy Sarandinaki, great granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Virginia.  Masha Sarandinaki is well known in the Russian-American community for her creativity and organizational skills in organizing many Russian cultural and charitable events.  She served as Executive Director of the Hermitage Foundation in New York.  She recently appeared in a four-day Russian public reading of War & Peace which was held simultaneously in more than 30 cities worldwide.  Her reading style is exceptional and very much in the Tolstoy family tradition.  We are delighted to welcome Masha as a special visitor to our school.  She will read, among others, stories from a unique collection of children's stories by Leo Tolstoy which we can promise will be great fun for children of all ages.


Larisa McKay

Larisa majored in Music and Art from the Music College of Rostropovich, Russia.  She has over 15 years of experience in Early Childhood Music teaching. She believes that young children are naturally musical; therefore, the importance of yearly musical development is very important.
Larisa taught music at Golden School of Music and has also taught piano to preschoolers at Feynman School in Bethesda, Maryland.   She  is a certified instructor of Music Together, Inc.  and Founder of Allegretto Music Studio where she teaches piano to introduce the heritage of Russian classical composers and folk songs, etc.
Larisa is also pursuing a degree in Music Therapy at Shenandoah Conservatory which gives her a unique opportunity to help children with disabilities meet their special needs thought Music development.

Alexander Jadan

Alexander I. Jadan, born in Moscow, Russia, began painting as a young boy.  Intense drawing and painting lessons in Russia were followed by formal art education in Western  Europe.  Watercolor landscapes have become his obsession reflecting the drama and tranquility of nature.  Since coming to the United States, Mr. Jadan exhibited in Carmel, Ca, Rhehobath Beach, De, Washington DC, New Orlean and St. John USVI.  He has also won numerous awards and his watercolors are in private collections through the United States.   We are honored to welcome  Mr. Jadan to teach the fundamentals of art to older children in our after school program.  Mr. Jadan can inspire and guide future artists to explore and  improve their artistic skills.

Viktoria Suhareva

Victoria Sukhareva is a singer and music teacher.  Winner of a several international and
All-Russian festivals and vocal competitions.  Graduated with honors from the State musical-pedagogical institute of M. M. Ippolitova-Ivanov in Moscow.  She is the official representative of the international festival competition of Russian culture "Sources," member of the Moscow Musical Society.  She has gained wide experience with her work with children, working as a vocal instructor in the international vocal center "Solveig" at the Moscow House of Composers.  Since 2013, Victoria lives and works in the U.S.  She is invited regularly on the jury for international competitions and festivals of young vocalists in Russia and in the U.S.

Yasnaya Polyana in Bethesda
Russian language Tolstoy daycare for children
from 2 to 6 years

Tolstoy Preschool opens its doors in February 2017 with a new curriculum and purpose.  The school honors the enormous educational legacy of Leo Tolstoy and his daughter Alexandra.  Both established unique schools in Yasnaya Polyana based on Tolstoy's worldview which continues to encourage individualism, creativity and self-reliance in children.

Upon immigrating to America, as Founder and President of the Tolstoy Foundation, Alexandra Lvovna drew from her own experience with the Tolstoy schools in Yasnaya Polyana to establish unique educational and cultural programs preserving Russian cultural traditions and raising awareness and interest in the Russian language and culture among non-speaking Russian youth as well. 

Tolstoy Preschool was established by Xenia Woyevodsky, former Executive Director of the Tolstoy Foundation in New York, who worked closely for many years with the L.N. Museum/Estate in Yasnaya Polyana in creating successful cross-cultural educational exchange programs for youth in New York and in Tula. 

The teachers and staff at the Tolstoy Preschool are highly experienced, have strong musical and artistic backgrounds and many have taught children professionally both in the U.S. and in Russia.  Each brings a great deal of personal talent and commitment to ensure that your child's experience will be a happy and productive one.

Our school's educational program, methods and curriculum draw from the creative learning traditions at Yasnaya Polyana.  Our school is dedicated to providing children, ages 2 to 6 years, with a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child's social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.  Through daily play and a creative environment specifically designed for each age group,  we strive to make each child's first educational experience a positive and successful one as they continue on to middle school and high school, and later on to higher education.

Our play room is bright and cheerful, loaded with toys for all ages and interests.  We provide children with a healthy diet, tasty Russian food.  Our menu consists of a breakfast meal, a morning snack, a lunch meal and an afternoon snack.  Kids can bring their own lunches if preferred.  We are cognizant of allergies and keep a strict control on various allergens.  We offer full-day programs, five days a week as  well as half-day programs and can tailor a schedule to your specific needs.  We have mandatory nap time or quiet time daily.  Special outings, picnics and cultural events are optional.

The educational program for every age group is designed to stimulate a child's curiosity, imagination and creativity through a strong emphasis on music, drama, dance, song, arts and crafts, physical education and free play.  Our puppet show class is not only a visual experience for children, it is a creative opportunity for children to stage productions, create sets and learn to make puppets.  Periodically and as a very special treat, we plan to invite visitors for story hour who have a special gift for narrating stories to children and who can turn a simple reading into a magical event for children of all ages! 

Art classes for each age group are integrated into our daily program.  Toddlers learn to discover and explore shapes, colors and textures while older children are encouraged to express their creativity by molding and decorating pieces, often inspired by examples of Russian folk art.  At the end of each semester, we plan to organize a special event where children have the opportunity to show off their work and talents  

We offer creative after-school classes for older children conducted by distinguished artists in our community -- a graduate of the Stroganoff Institute Tatiana Trubetskaya and Alexander Jadan, who received his formal art education in Western Europe.  Tatiana and Jadan have exhibited their paintings in many art shows across the country.  Jadan's paintings hang in museums and in private collections in Russia, Europe and the U.S.   

Additional information and enrollment procedures for Tolstoy Preschool are available on our website, www.tolstoypreschool.com.  Visits to view the school and meet with the Academic Director can be arranged by email or by phone (301-365-3763).   We look forward to your visit and with speaking with you.

Recently a group of distinguished Russians and Americans came together to begin work on the creation of a bilingual charter school in Washington, D.C.   The Tolstoy Academy, a public, tuition-free school, to open in Washington, D.C. in 2017/2018 , will provide children with a strong academic and cultural foundation in the arts, science and humanities taught in a bilingual environment and through language immersion.  The School will prepare young people to be well educated, goal-oriented and productive citizens.   Classes will be taught by bilingual accredited teachers who will prepare students for a smooth and successful transition to an American or European high school upon completion of the middle school program.   Parents will have the opportunity to continue their child's education at The Tolstoy Academy, taught by accredited teachers who will prepare children to successfully integrate into American or European high schools upon completion of their middle school program.

Tolstoy Preschool can become an splendid stepping stone for your child in preparation for enrollment at the Tolstoy Academy.


Ясная Поляна в Бетезде
Русскоязычный Толстовский Детский Сад для детей от двух до пяти.

В феврале 2017 года в Бетезде открывается Толстовский Детский Сад. Так мы его назвали в честь выдающихся воспитателей и педагогов Льва Николаевича Толстого и его дочери Александры Львовны, которые основали в Ясной Поляне уникальную школу. Методы воспитания и обучения там детей, основанные на педагогических воззрениях великого писателя, стали настоящим переворотом в педагогике и значительно опередили свое время.

Эмигрировав в Америку, Александра Львовна Толстая стала основателем и президентом Толстовского фонда. Используя свой опыт работы в Яснополянской школе, она инициировала ряд образовательных и культурных инициатив для молодежи, нацеленных на сохранение культурного наследия России и пробуждение интереса к русскому языку и к русской культуре.

Толстовский детский сад был создан Ксенией Воеводской. Много лет Ксения была исполнительным директором Толстовского Фонда в Нью Йорке и в этом качестве она разрабатывала и осуществляла интересные программы культурного обмена между российскими и американскими детьми в тесном сотрудничеством с Музей-Усадьбой Л.Н. Толстого в Ясной Поляне.

Наши воспитатели и преподаватели – талантливые аккредитованные профессионалы, обладающие богатым опытом работы с детьми как в России, так и в США.

Программа Толстовского детского сада основана на системе обучения и воспитания Яснополянской школы. Ее основными целями являются раскрытие способностей и творческого потенциала ребенка, обеспечение его познавательно-речевого, социального, интеллектуального развития, придание ему уверенности в своих силах, а также пробуждение в нем интереса и любви к познанию, к изобразительному искусству, музыке, театру, литературе. И, конечно, наша школа поможет детям из русскоязычных семей не утратить, а сохранить и обогатить свой русский язык, а дети из англоязычных семей смогут легко его выучить в ситуации полного погружения. Одной из наших главнейших задач является также подготовка ребенка к общеобразовательной школе.

Для нас очень важно, чтобы ребятам у нас было хорошо и чтобы они получили знания и навыки, которые лягут в основу их дальнейшего образовательного, культурного и личностного роста.

Мы считаем, что такие знания и навыки лучше всего прививать в игровой среде с учетом возраста и индивидуальных особенностей каждого ребенка. Важно, чтобы первый образовательный опыт ребенка был позитивным и увлекательным. Это позволит нашим маленьким выпускникам легко адаптироваться к условиям общеобразовательной школы.

Основой нашей программы является совокупность методов физического, интеллектуального и эстетического воспитания. Последнее включает рисование, лепку, прикладное искусство, пение, танцы, а также постановки кукольных спектаклей, когда дети – конечно, с помощью педагога -  делают кукол, декорации, придумывают пьесы или ставят что-то уже придуманное. Среди наших сотрудников есть талантливая чтица детских сказок и историй, использующая предметы и картинки и превращающая простое чтение в незабываемое волшебное событие.

Программа ежедневных творческих занятий предусматривает ознакомление малышей с цветами, формами и текстурами, а для детей более старшего возраста – живопись, лепка, декоративно-прикладное искусство.

На утреннике в конце каждого семестра дети смогут продемонстрировать взрослым свои успехи и таланты.

В нашей светлой и веселой игровой комнате много прекрасных игрушек, а также развивающих и обучающих игр для дошкольного воспитания. Еда у нас домашняя, вкусная и готовится из хороших натуральных свежих продуктов, питание четырехразовое – завтрак, легкий второй завтрак, обед и полдник. Мы хорошо осведомлены о возможных аллергенах и исключаем их из детского рациона. По желанию родителей ребенок может есть ланч принесенный из дома. Обязательной составляющей распорядка дня является дневной сон или «тихий час».

Вы можете водить к нам ребенка как на весь день, так и на пол-дня. И, конечно, мы всегда пойдем вам навстречу, если у вас есть или возникнут какие-то особые обстоятельства, предполагающие индивидуальное расписание посещения нашего детского сада.

Толстовский детский сад предоставляет возможность внешкольных занятий живописью. Ведут их у нас замечательные художники и педагоги -- выпускница Строгановского института Татьяна Трубецкая и Александр Жадан, получивший художественное образование в Западной Европе. Татьяна и Александр Жадан  являются участниками многих художественных выставок. Работы Жаданa висят в музеях и в частных коллекциях России, Европы и США.

Дополнительную информацию о Толстовском детском саде и о процедуре зачисления в него вы можете получить на нашем сайте www.tolstoypreschool.com или договорившись о визите к нам по телефону 301- 365-3763

В настоящее время группа американских и русских педагогов занята подготовкой создания Толстовской Академии -- двуязычной чартерной бесплатной школы первой-второй ступеней (Elementary School and Middle School).  Школа будет открыта в Вашингтоне в 2017/2018 гг. В ней будут работать опытные аккредитованные русские и американские преподаватели общеобразовательных предметов, а также русского языка и русской литературы и искусства, которые подготовят детей к поступлению в европейские и американские школы третьей ступени (High School). В число задач, которые ставят перед Толстовской Академией ее организаторы, входит подготовка хорошо образованных, культурно развитых, целеустремленных и уверенных в себе молодых граждан, ориентированных на дальнейшее образование и самореализацию в самых различных профессиональных сферах.

Толстовский детский сад может стать для ваших детей прекрасной подготовительной площадкой для поступления в Толстовскую Академию!










Telephone: 301-365-3763
Bethesda, Maryland (Carderock Springs)

For additional information or inquiry, please contact us using the form below or email us directly at: info@tolstoypreschool.com