A letter from Ekaterina Tolstaya,
Director of the Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate, Yasnaya Polyana

Dear Xenia,

It was such a pleasure to hear from you regarding the announcement of The Tolstoy School in Washington, DC. The education of children is something that has been integral to Yasnaya Polyana for generations. When Lev Nikolayevich opened his school on the estate for local
children in 1859, he set a precedent for the myriad of educational programs and courses we hold at the museum and cultural centre today. With such a background in pedagogy, I believe it is a true calling of Yasnaya Polyana to continue educating children and adults from Russia and our visitors from nations abroad.

The State Memorial and Natural Preserve Museum of Leo Tolstoy, Yasnaya Polyana, is pleased to endorse The Tolstoy School, in its efforts to provide a Russian language immersion program for children in the United States. When cultural doors are opened at an early age, the richness and amazing diversity of this world allow a child to expand their mind and imagination to exponential limits. As you are aware, our diverse programs at Yasnaya Polyana range from language studies to literature and beyond. We are eager to work with The Tolstoy School in
Washington, DC, on cross-cultural programs and look forward to a lasting relationship.

On behalf of Yasnaya Polyana, we are honored that The Tolstoy School is dedicated to the memory of Lev Nikolayevich and Alexandra Lvovna, who also devoted herself to education here at the Estate and later in the United States. Much luck to you as you launch this prodigious endeavor.

Best wishes,
Ekaterina Tolstaya
Director of the Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate, Yasnaya Polyana





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