Now accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year. APPLY TODAY!

THE TOLSTOY PRESCHOOL offers a Russian-English bilingual curriculum for children ages 3-6 years that strives to stimulate the development of the whole child — emotionally, socially, academically, physically and culturally.

Our small, family preschool provides a cozy safe space for children away from home, encouraging each child to learn at his or her own pace. Currently, we work with two distinct target groups:

a) children from bilingual or Russian-speaking families AND
b) children who are not yet ready for elementary school and would benefit from an extended preschool period. 

We cater to parents who are seeking a safe, stable, highly-stimulating environment which encourages cognitive and intellectual growth at a critical stage of their child’s development.  

Our preschool focuses on providing children with a multi-faceted education that highlights world art, music, and literature traditions at an appropriate age level. Our teachers encourage discovery and exploration; thus, every day has structured and unstructured play time both inside and outside the classroom.

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