In our art classes, we cover a variety of techniques through which our young artists can begin to reveal their talents.
We explore different genres, mediums and artists, introducing children to the great artist of all times – from Da Vinci to Monet, and more! Children learn the historical backgrounds of various masterpieces and attempt to replicate (or put their own creative spin) on these famous art works.


It is never too early to exercise one’s brain! We will teach your child how to think logically, problem solve creatively, approach situations tactically, and be bold when looking for resolutions to a question, problem or concern. Logic classes include playing chess and other board games, practicing brain teasers on one’s own as well as with other children. Children learn not only to work independently, but also how to work as a team, respect everyone’s ideas and utilize everyone’s skills


Our instructor Olga Brown has developed a unique method of musical education for preschoolers based on 30 years of experience. It includes listening to classical and modern music, singing, producing rhythmic movements to music and dance, participating in musical-didactic games, playing musical instruments and taking part in theatrical performances.
One of the principal objectives of this program is to cultivate a love for music and an interest in various types of musical activity and an ability to apply and use the obtained knowledge in everyday life. 


On a weekly basis we will discover the beauty and complexity of the natural world outside our door. In the past we’ve studied marine biology, created a model of the solar system, planted vegetable gardens, grown caterpillars into butterflies and more. Your child will love exploring plants, animals, geography, and natural phenomena. During our lessons the children become scientists capable of setting their own questions and designing their own experiments, and finding answers.

Physical Education (incl. yoga and dance)

At Tolstoy Preschool we value the importance of physical health and encourage your child to lead a lively, energetic life style. This includes not only two outdoor play times daily, but also yoga and dance classes that are designed to introduce various gymnastic skills, increase strength and endurance, teach control over one’s own body and movements, demonstrate the importance of discipline and consistent practice, and increase your child’s confidence in their own body and physical abilities.


In addition to art classes, we have various crafts classes that cultivate the creativity of your child as well as develop their fine motor skills. Young children learn to thread beads as they make necklaces, trace shapes and figures, follow step-by-step directions and understand the cause-effect principle behind various projects, and more! Projects are unique and different year-round and year-over-year due to the ingenuity of our instructors.

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