Meet the Faculty

While at Tolstoy Preschool, your child will be taken care off by a small, loving staff of education professionals who will teach them a variety of subjects.

Xenia Woyevodsky, Administrative Director

Xenia Woyevodsky has extensive professional experience in the areas of international education and culture. As Executive Director of the Tolstoy Foundation, Inc., she established the early semester-abroad exchange programs in the 1990’s for over 250 gifted children (ages 6-17) from the Russian Federation at the TF Center in NY. Mrs. Woyevodsky served as President of International Firebird Arts Foundation, promoting high-level cultural exchanges and exhibitions.  She is passionately committed to bilingualism at an early age in childhood development.

Olga Krassovskaya, Academic Director

Olga Krassovskaya has over 20 years of experience in early childhood development, both as a teacher and as an administrator.  She has a diploma from Teacher’s College No. 7 in Moscow. She has successfully worked with toddlers to kindergarten age children in Moscow, Belarus, and the US. Ms. Krassovskaya brings a fresh approach to teaching, encouraging creativity and cognitive growth on an individual basis. She believes in the importance of developing curiosity in children —  the joy of exploration that drives all future learning, reasoning and critical thinking.  Under Ms. Krassovskaya’s guidance, children will explore their natural curiosity through books, music, dance, play, discovering nature, asking questions and connecting with their peers.

Anya Yedgarian, Assistant Teacher

Anya Yedgarian heads our English language program.  She has a B.A. in History/Humanities and an Associate Degree in International Studies as well as a Lower Cambridge Certificate in English.  She speaks many languages, including Russian, French, Armenian and Greek.  She is currently retired with many years of professional and administrative experience.  Passionate in working with children,  Anya  provides encouragement and support to our children.  She strongly believes in the importance of a bilingual or trilingual education for children at an early age.  Her hobbies include reading books, music and yoga.

Liza Lymbertus, Teacher’s Assistant

Olga Brown, Music Instructor

Olga Brown started her musical training at age seven in Kazan, Russia. In 1980 she graduated from Kazan Pedagogical College as Certified Preschool and Music Teacher. She has had passion to teach and inspire students playing musical instruments and singing for most of her adult life. She has worked as a Music Teacher, Choir Conductor, and Choreography Studio Accompanist, and an Event Singer for more than 20 years. Olga’s American experience includes working in Russian Kids’ House Sunday School, MD and VA preschool Centers conducting a choir, performing recitals and staging musicals, as well as giving private piano, violin, and singing lessons to kids age 5 and up. For Olga every child is unique that’s why her lessons are tailored to meet the needs & goals of every student.

Elena Tkacheva-Wells, Yoga and Theater Instructor

Elena has been teaching numerous classes, workshops, and summer camps for children: Yoga, Drama, Dance, Ballet, and Gymnastics since 1998. Currently, she works with children ages 3 to 13 at the Russian Academy of Potomac as a Drama and Yoga teacher. She directs various plays and teaches kids yoga classes in numerous Russian preschools throughout Montgomery County. Theater, Dance, Yoga, Circus, and any kind of Creative expression are her passions, and she loves sharing them with children.

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